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Sugar Daddy dating profile (Arrogant Example)


You have to be the man to call yourself a sugar daddy.  Not just any guy has the right to be one.  A sugar daddy has to be smooth, cool, collected.  A good sugar daddy might have lots of beautiful babies all over the place, just waiting to be sprinkled on.  I’ve seen many a sugar daddy fall off  because they got too involved with a particular lady.  That’s one mistake this player will be sure not to make.  

A good sugar daddy has money to spend on his babies because he wants the girls at his side to be the flyest girl in the place.  Take me for example,  as a single executive I make the perfect sugar daddy.  I make big money, I have nice things, I travel a lot and need a fine woman by my side to complete my image.  I’m a charming gentlemen and the ladies love me.

As my work sends me to new location all the time, I am not the kind of guy that wants to settle down but  I need new women in my life that I can support.  This sugar daddy loves all kinds of ladies but I do require that you are athletically fit, sophisticated and able to hold their own in a conversation. 

I take my role as sugar daddy very seriously; you will be lavished with the finest clothing and jewelry and we will eat gourmet cuisine and fine champagne.  If you think you have what it takes to please this sugar daddy and collect the riches that come along with the job of being one of my babies, just let me know.  Pimpin’ has never been easy and these days a good sugar daddy can be hard to find.  Well ladies, look no further, because the sugar daddy of your dreams is right here; waiting.

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